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Procedure for Employment of Foreign Faculty Members

Foreign faculty members are employed in the various Faculties, Institutes, and Schools of Boğaziçi University. The application and approval procedures for employment of foreign citizens are somewhat lengthy and complicated, and therefore it is essential that application be made well in advance. If this precaution is not taken, both the foreign faculty member and the University may suffer the consequences of delays that may occur in the system. The potential for problems and delays will become clearer through an examination of the various stages of the process.

The attached flowchart illustrates the flow of documents involved in the application/approval process and shows the approximate duration of each stage. With the exception of the “Application for Academic Appointment Form” and the “Contract for Foreign Personnel”, all the documents involved are internal to the system and are never seen by the applicant. Therefore, the names of the forms are not indicated in the flowchart; rather, the unit which must produce or process a document at each stage is shown.

The first stage of the employment process occurs between the department which will employ the foreign faculty member and the relevant unit of the University – one of faculties or institutes, or the School of Foreign Languages, or the School of Vocational Studies. The “Application for Academic Appointment Form” which is filled out by the applicant, and the request for housing accommodation on the campus (if required) are among the documents submitted.

The executive committee of the relevant unit considers the application. If the decision is positive, the necessary documents are prepared and forwarded to the Personnel Department through the Rector, and subsequently are presented to the executive committee of the University for approval. This constitutes the second stage of the process.

Upon approval by the executive committee of the University, the necessary documents are submitted to the Council of Higher Education, which is the third stage in the process. The proposed “Contract for Foreign Personnel”, along with supporting documents, is reviewed by the executive committee of the Council.

The Council of Higher Education then notifies the University of its approval of the appointment. At the same time, the Council forwards a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for permission for the prospective faculty member to reside in Turkey for the duration of his/her contract. This request completes the fourth stage.

The Ministry then notifies both the office of the Governor of Istanbul and the University (through the Council of Higher Education) that permission has been granted. This correspondence constitutes the fifth stage of the process.

At this point, the University gathers all the relevant documents, including a salary proposal, and submits them to the Ministry of Finance, which is the sixth stage. The Ministry of Finance then approves or amends the salary proposal and returns it to the University. The seventh stage.

This completes the approval procedure, and the candidate is then invited to the Personnel Department to sign the contract.

As shown in the enclosed flowchart, the processing of documents by the Council of Higher Education takes approximately one month, while it takes about two months at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and another month at the Ministry of Finance. In other words, approximately four months are required for processing outside the University. To this should be added the time required for processing outside the University. To this should be added the time required for meetings of the executive committees within the University, as well as processing within the Personnel Department.

With these facts in mind, it can be seen that the proposal for employment of a foreign faculty member should be submitted at least five months, preferably six months, before the desired employment date. In order for the system to work smoothly and to avoid problems, this deadline should be adhered to strictly.

If , despite all precautions, a delay occurs in the approval process, then the applicant is notified after the positive decisions taken by the Council of Higher Education and Ministry of Internal Affairs, and is advised to apply for a work visa through the Turkish Consulate in his/her country. However, if the application for employment is made sufficiently early, this should not become necessary.